"No other breed can be mistaken for the Puli, a compact but powerful herder covered from head to tail with profuse, naturally occurring cords. Bred to work closely with humans, these agile and faithful little dynamos are quick learners." 
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We recreate the breeds as close as possible to the breed standard. Our statues are 100% handcrafted, carefuly finished and painted.
We use high-quality material, very resistant two component acrylic resin.
Breed standard, photos, drawings, breeder opinions etc. are used for documentation, the selected best features are then put together in one dog.
One has a good expression, the other a perfect topline, another one a good ear and tail set, another one a good size, anatomy, proportions….. And this is how a breed is “born” in clay.
*Prices are displayed per item.
*Available only without base.
Statue attributes
Material Cold cast acrylic resin
Color Bronze
Weight 4 kg.

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