We groom pets like showdogs

The beauty of the task is, that each and every dog is different in personality, anathomy and coat type.
It is an inspirational and motivating, in all means positive challenge to find and use the technique & style to enhance the dog’s natural beauty and hide the “faults”.

    • Tramadol Prices Online Show Grooming
    • Handstrip
    • Scissor & Style
    • All techniques required to meet the breed standard.
    • Education
    • We offer training for groomers (beginners and advanced)  on the following themes:
    • Salon grooming – all breeds included
    • Show grooming – specialization/breed
  • Our activity is exclusively appointment – based.
    Please note that the salon is very busy troughout the whole year.
    We advise you to make your appointments (VIP card recommanded) in time.
    Thank you for understanding.